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A Boy and his Kite | the future of cinematic VR?

I recently saw this animated short film which is entirely created with the Unreal Engine 4.  This story is build inside a diverse and beautifully realized 100 square mile world. A world where everything you see is generated completely in real-time. This means that you can watch this film from any angle, you would like, at any given moment.

The end result seems like a regular animated film but it’s not.  In the classical “shotbased’ approach of building stories you are limited to the information given to you by the storyteller.  He shows you a close-up and that’s all there is. The information outside of the shot is simply not available because it’s hasn’t been build.

When a story is build inside a whole digital world things change. The storyteller still gives you his vision on how he feels the story is told in the best way. What rhytm, close-ups, wide shots, music, etc.. You can just sit down and enjoy the ride!

But you are no longer limited to the storytellers vision because the whole world is generated in realtime. Theoretically you can watch the film from any angle you want. You are inside the story world..