The last 15 years I’ve been working as a freelance marketeer, executive- and creative contentproducer for many brands. Building brands, creating strategies and connecting brands with people through content, that truly informs, entertains or inspires, is what drives me.


The contemporary media landscape has lots of challenges to reach your audience and tell your story.  The effect of mass media is declining and the digital era changed the rules on how you can, and need, to connect with your audience. They decide when and where they want to listen to your story.

When you want to build relationships with (potential) customers and give them the ultimate customer experience, a high quality product is essential but not enough.  You will need to create the right touchpoints at the right moment, right place, right time and with right tone of voice. You need to be relevant.

If you are interested in hearing more of my ideas about marketing in the digital era don’t hesitate and send me an invite.

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Jasper Bazuin